Energy Projects

  • Preparation of legal and administrative documentation for obtaining the concession and/or PPP contract for the construction of Hydro, Wind, Solar based IPPs projects and any other type of infrastructure.
  • Business Plan preparation and project development as part of concession/PPP application process.
  • Follow up and steer the application process till concession/PPP contract award and beyond .
  • Manage the concession/PPP contract over the entire validity period and deal with relevant Stakeholders.
  • Mediation services for the conclude of the agreements between private companies and/or private and public entities.



Power Trading & Supply

  • Preparation of legal and administrative documentation for obtaining the power trading and supply licenses issued by the Regulatory Authority.
  • Registration process within market operator in domestic and regional market as the case may be.
  • Market study and potential barriers and opportunities to be considered;
  • Set up of penetration strategies in the market and organizational aspects to be considered within the client’s company.
  • Support with staff acquisition and clients hunting
  • Drive the regulatory affairs process and advice on the trading/supply contracts.
  • Provide services on power trading and supply practices in domestic and regional market.

Other non-energy services

  • Preparation of legal and administrative documentation for attending the public tenders through the public procurement platform.
  • Lobbying services for the public contract award.
  • Administrating the public procurement contracts, if succeeded.
  • Insurance brokerage for any project contract as awarded
  • Provide VAT reimbursement service.
  • Customs settlement and other tax related issues.
  • Smart Trade & Consulting support and ensure you get the information you need to deal with issues.

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